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In this episode, Marc and his panel of guests will talk about how to know when you are ready to hire and how to hire the right person to help grow your heart centred business and serve your clients in this manner. Do this so you can live the heart centred abundant entrepreneur lifestyle!

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Marc Gaudett lives in Toronto, ON Canada, the most multicultural city in the world.

He is a Trainer for Coaches, small business owners, and wantrepreneurs (people working a 9-5 who want to transition into running their own business). His mission is to help as many willing Heart Centered People become Abundant Entrepreneurs, escape the RAT RACE and together eradicate scarcity consciousness from this planet forever. By working together to raise our vibrations we will raise the vibration of every single thing on this planet making this a reality!

Marc’s programs are designed to create an immediate and permanent change in your life allowing you to live the life of your dreams and contribute to the world in the way you have always wanted to. Through community, support and training your vision can be realized.

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